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How to Start or Reactivate an Alumni Chapter!

We align our charter process with Nationals

Step #1: Have at least 10 members willing to pay state and national dues

Step #2: Create a Constitution and Bylaws

Sample Constitution/Bylaws

Step #3: Have a council of elected officers

Step #4: Fill Out: Alumni Chapter Chartering/Reactivating (2 pages) and send to Iowa FFA Alumni, 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, Iowa 50023. You will be contacted with your new affiliate ID number to proceed with steps 2-7.

Step #5:  Complete Page 3 of: Membership Affiliation Program 2.0 Agreement (1 page)
If you are reactivating and don't know your Affiliate ID Number contact: [email protected]
If you're a new affiliate your number will be issued from nationals when they receive the form from step 4.

Step #6:  Obtain an EIN Number: Click Here for Instructions

Step #7: Complete: Tax Exempt Return Form (1 page)

Step #8:  Create a Membership Roster

Step #9:  Collect Dues and Submit $150 for National and State Affiliation Fees + $275.00 for each new life member recruited.

Step #10:  Send a copy of the paperwork from steps 5-8, your constitution and bylaws, and membership roster with your affiliation fee to Iowa FFA Alumni, 1055 SW Prairie Trail Parkway, Ankeny, IA 50023

Starting an Alumni Chapter National Resources

Alumni Chapter Resources

Congratulations, you're an Alumni and Supporters Chapter!!!!