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Standing Committees

Awards: Samantha Grunwald, chairperson; Andy Edson, Clyde Johnson

Finance: Nate Gibson, chairperson; Bryon Weezner, Steve Dolch

Membership: Clyde Johnson, chairpersons; Colton Beals, Ashley Fitzgerald

Publicity and Marketing:  Celina Young, chairperson; Karen Whitman, Ashley Fitzgerald

By-Laws and Resolutions: Bryon Weesner, chairperson; Nate Gibson, Steve Dolch

It is understood that the President is part of all committees.

Additional Committees Designated by President:

Supply Store Committee: Andy Edson, chairperson; Kim Bullock, Bryon Weesner

Alumni Annual Conference Committee: Nate Gibson, chairpersons; Karen Whitman, Kim Bullock, Colton Beals

    Entertainment/Guest speaker (humorous)
    Solicit items for silent/live auction along with all board members
    Run the silent auction - record items and donations
    Live Auction
    Invitations and publicity

Iowa State Fair Committee:  Kim Bullock, chairperson; Samantha Grunwald, Ashley Fitzgerald

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