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2016-17 Alumni dues are to be sent in by April 2017 to qualify
for scholarships and awards. Please address them to:
Iowa FFA Alumni, PO Box 127, Boone, IA 50036


   Alumni Chapter Options:

    Affiliate Chapter Membership  $150.00 (annual fee for entire alumni chapter roster)
    Affiliate Chapter Membership with 25+ Lifetime Members   $50.00 (annual fee for entire alumni chapter roster, national fee waived)
    Life Member                         $210.00 (includes New Visions and E-New Horizons,  $160.00 to Nationals and $50 to State)

   New Horizons Magazine $5.00
If you have questions about our different types of membership, please contact your district representative. A list of district representatives and their emails can be found here.
Click here to find a list of all active and inactive alumni chapters in Iowa.

***Local Affiliates Need to Register***

Administrative Rights in New Membership System, National FFA Alumni will be moving their membership rosters to an online format.  Ensure that local and state FFA Alumni leaders who handle current membership submissions, dues collection and payment for state and national dues have the appropriate administrative rights in the new online system by registering the 2-3 key contacts responsible for Alumni membership.  Each of these individuals will need a valid email address.  Please contact the National FFA Alumni office with any questions at or (317) 802-4332.

We do not submit the rosters through an Excel file any longer.  You must make someone from your affiliate an administrator and submit it through the 'FFA My Way' program.  You will need to request and invitation from the Executive director and you will then receive an invitation to register.  Once you register let the Executive Director know so that they can make you an administrator.  You will only be able to see what is on your affiliates roster.