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2018 Iowa FFA Alumni
Bylaws and Resolutions

*To be voted on at the 2018 Iowa FFA Alumni Conference

The following changes have been approved and recommended for adoption by the Iowa FFA Alumni Board of Directors.  Reasoning for changes are provided in italics below each item.  Proposed changes to the By Laws will be voted on at the Iowa FFA Alumni Conference and must achieve a 2/3 majority to be approved. 


  1. Replacement of the word “Affiliate” with the word “Chapter(s)” wherever it is present.
  1. (The following places)  Article I- Section I, Article II Line D, Article III -Section II, III and IV.  Article IV-Section IA3, B4 and C4.  Article XII- Section I

This change was made at the National level in 2016 as we are no longer referring to Alumni Affiliates as such and now are referring them as Alumni Chapters.


  1. In Article IV, Section II A3  Removal of the sentence “Associate membership will not be included in membership or award programs.”

Associate membership as a part of overall membership in the Alumni provides them the opportunity to be awarded college scholarships, and should make them available for all awards offered at the state level.

  1. Article VI, Section II 6.  Move the IAAE Representative from voting member of the board to inclusion in (8) ex-officio members of the Iowa FFA Alumni Executive Board.

This shall bring this position in line with other Team Ag Ed representatives that sit on the board

  1. Article VI, Section II 6.  Add the following voting position on the board Associate Membership/Past State Officer Representative.

With over 9,000 associate members and continuing to cultivate relationships with past state officers the board feels these groups need to have adequate representation on the board and that board member will be responsible for engagement of these groups.

  1. Article VI, Section III   Addition of   “E.   The Associate Membership/Past State Officer representative shall be appointed to the board after an application and interview process. Candidates shall be between the ages of 18-25 years.  The term of service on the board shall begin at the alumni conference immediately following their selection and run for two years. They shall serve only one two year term in this position.” 

In order for proper representation and engagement of the position, it is felt that this position should be selected by the board rather than an elected position.

  1.  Article  VI Section III Article A- Replace the phrase “one-year term” with “two-year term”, and the word “four” with “two”.  NW, SC, NE shall be elected in Odd years and SW, NC and SE shall be elected in even years. 

Currently district representatives are elected for one-year terms for a maximum of four terms.  It is felt that this does not allow representatives adequate time to become acquainted with their duties and build meaningful relationships in their districts.